Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Get Closer.

We all run nowadays. We go faster. Up. Up in the sky. Sometimes we have to stop though, and just think a bit. LondON City is the only airport actually within the capital, and you can see the all world there. Businessmen in dark suits waiting to take off with the right businessman attitude. Trainee barista waiting for their end of year holiday back home. BA flight attendants standing in front of their gate with a dark blue scarf to keep them warm. Yes. Yes. It was great to see you again. How long was it since I first came here? I had no idea where I would have ended up by now. 16 seemed to me quite an age back then. Of all the things I know, all the people I know, is never enough what I know. In fact, I feel like I don't know enough, yet. Everyone with his own role, but in reality - maybe - looking for something else. Richness, Control, Recognition, Impact, Free..Time, Fun. Your LIFe Orientation test will tell you more about it. To me, a 20 min delay in my take off means I will sleep 20 minutes less tonight. This is when you start appreciating Flex tickets.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Best Ever.

A terrific weekend in St. Gallen. Terrific. Leading guest speakers discussing engaging topics came from all over the world to make our weekend a special one. One to remember. All there. In the little town where the #1 University of the German-speaking area of the world is laying on the green hills. Where all those students make the city alive and welcoming. Homecoming. How good. The commitment and the passion of the people organizing this event came out shining brighter when the Director left the VIP area of the club and descended imposingly to the dancing floor. So, we really are a team. How cool is that? Much appreciated the Dean and other Professors joining us Alumni at the dinner and greeting us one by one, showing personal interest in each one’s career and life. Ground breaking topics for the opening panel, the workshop and the key note speech. Key interesting points to take away on the emotional needs of us as human beings. Just so that we do not forget how important is the human touch. Just to make clear how emotional needs are at the base of our behaviors and move entire organizations. Business can be stressing. Smile.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Whale Shark.

It is the biggest fish on earth. It can be as long as 14 meters. The best place to have a chance to see one alive is in the Seychelles. You can go there in autumn. It is the number one. In the restaurant on the lake there were many big fishes, but none was as big as the whale shark. You can see the power of the shark even in his gentle manners. Just the fact that all the other smaller fishes are there gives you a feeling for that. The time goes on. The music is playing. People from all over the world are attending the event. The secret is not only being smart, the secret is convincing people. Convincing people that you are the right one. Then they will trust you. And everything will keep going on the right way. It is good to be on top, isn’t it?

Monday, 7 May 2012


The business of renting brains. Our people are so important that we call HR Human Capital. They key thing is that your are part of the Firm, that’s what matters. Are we treating you well? At the assessment center things were particularly hectic. I wasn’t sure if it was because it was LondON or because it was that particular firm. You know you have one chance to make a good first impression but here what really matters is to crack the case. So, please, think before you open your mouth. Every word has to make sense. Be rational. Be logical. Be cool. Consulting is generally considered as a demanding and rewarding profession. You do some years in consulting and your value in the job market will sky rocket. If you join us you will then have access to ludicrous roles in the financial services industry! There are in fact different kinds of consulting. And someone says that traditional strategy/management consulting in leading firms lacks of structured procedures. That they put together very smart people – exceptionally gifted individuals – and then they tell them: find a solution. They try and they fix it. It is a business full of hard working, assertive, generally smart and competitive people. So many people want to get into that business, and the few lucky ones will learn a lot in little time. They have to if they want to keep up the rhythm. Best part of it is that afterwards you will be part of the Alumni network. A powerful tool to make you never forget that you have been part of the inner circle. Consulting. We make real products – not presentations.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Big City Life.

I had few days ago a great opportunity to meet some interesting people in LondON. Very Interesting People. A senior banker who was really English, with kind manners and willing to listen and make you feel comfortable. Then I walked around the streets and I bumped into a huge candy store called M&M’s World. Everybody was smiling there. Seemed to be Disneyland. I walked around and I saw new towers in the city. What’s happened here in the last 5 years? I kept walking and I got nearly lost. So I asked for directions to a young woman. She answered “Are you Italian?” “Is it the accent?”. “No. It is the face.” What?! I kept walking around, till when my shoes where no more comfortable. I met more people and I thought about management styles. I was impressed by the positive energy someone can spread around his team. We - St.Gallen MBAs - know a lot about slaying the Dragon to win the Princess and productive energy. Leading change models that might look at first a bit abstract. Then, all of a sudden, you see a real life example that is just like that. And you think, Oh man! We really have to save the princess here. But you know, it is not an obvious task. It takes time and dedication. Consulting companies work on that, so as leading professors. I was on the tube again: "The newspaper you’re reading is rubbish." Only in LondON you can read this. Social advertisement. It was nice to be back, for one day.